Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It's like 72 degrees in my head at all times!

Yeay Global Warming! It's the first week of December and today's ride home was a hate-numbing 72 degrees. Sunny, no wind. Perfect riding conditions. Finally got the road bike "tweaked" just right so it's comfortable, and I zoomed home averaging 17.1mph. I should have timed the ride home because I'm pretty sure it was my fastest yet. I say "hate-numbing" because I surely didn't love all those rides home when it was pushing 110 degrees :) Days like today almost make up for it. 

I finally got a new cell phone that I'm happy with, an LG Dare on Verizon. It passed the music test with flying colors today. Probably an hour and a half of music, plenty of texting, and a couple short calls, and it still shows a full battery! The LG enV I had before would be half dead, and the LG Voyager I returned to get the Dare would be dead. I do need to fill up the memory card though, my playlist is getting too predictable! I'll get around to it this weekend. 

To counteract my day of bicycle bliss, I'll be surveying out in the middle of the freeway tomorrow. No bikes to be seen, no silence to be had. At least the weather will be nice!