Thursday, July 31, 2008

Weight Loss Progress

Since starting bike commuting....

June 4th: 224.8lbs

July 28th: 212.8lbs

Drivers license says 215, that hasn't been updated in 9 years. I think I was 190 when I graduated high school, and damn near 240 when I got married. Was at 250 for my 1st wedding anniversary. 

First Goal: Get to drivers license weight (DONE! July 10)
Second Goal: Get to 200 by my 30th Birthday (November)
Third Goal: Get to 185 by my 5th wedding anniversary (April)

Why is it that food tastes better?

Mac & Cheese, Top Ramen, PB&J. 

Things that were once essential for bachelor life survival, especially on a tight budget. So now that my budget has grown, my bachelor life is over, and my taste buds have become accustomed to home cookin' again...Why do I revisit these culinary horrors from my past? It's because they taste MUCH better than they did years ago. In fact, I just had a PB&J (on whole grain wheat with reduced sugar jam), and it's pure yumminess inspired this post. Having the choice to eat these things out of boredom, rather than necessity, must be a big factor. For years they were just rotating slop of survival, but now I actually crave them. Speaking of cravings.....I wish I had some Zebra cakes :( 

The Bike

My trusty steed of pedal powered bliss. It's a bastardized road race bike. 

The basics: 

Frame: Soma Smoothie (853 Reynolds Steel)
Fork: Weyless Carbon Fiber
Wheels: Ultegra Hubs, Mavic CXP12 Rims
Tires: 700x23c Conti Gatorskins
Crank: Ultegra Double
Cassette: Ultegra 9 speed
Derailuers: Ultegra Front, SRAM ESP Rear
Stem: Supergo Carbon Fiber
Handlebars: On One Mary
Shifters: SRAM 9.0 Half pipes
Brakes: Ultegra calipers with Real levers
Headset: Cane Creek S6
Saddle: Brooks B-17
Seatpost: U.S.E. XCR Shockpost
Pedals: Forte Carve SPD style
Cables: Not matching and ugly, I know

Commuter extras:

Cateye headlight, Cannondale tailight, Specialized Elite Computer, Zefal Bell, Specialized frame pump, Profile Design bag, Camelback Mule 100oz with food, change, tools, clothes, etc. 

Monday, July 28, 2008

Green is a coincidence, the explanation

I started this blog mainly to track my bike commuting stuff, like mileage & weight loss, and when I set it up the only default layout I liked was the green one. So it's purely coincidence that my tree-hugging, Phish-lovin', pedal powered self has chosen a green theme. There's no underlying "Your carbon footprint just stepped on a baby seal" message. It's just a title and it'll change when I'm feeling more creative. Maybe. 

Sunday, July 27, 2008

So I'm late to the blog game

My hatred for myspace conflicts with my motivation to talk to people, so here I am. For those that know me, I'm a damn quiet person, so don't expect much on this blog except random thoughts and a bunch of stuff about bike commuting.