Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bottling Day

After 3 weeks fermenting/conditioning/dry hopping, it's time to bottle!

The gross looking carboy is lifted onto the counter. The proteins and yeast have settled to the bottom (called trub), and the leftover krausen stuck to the top.

The beer is siphoned into the bottling bucket, which rests for a few minutes to let any remaining sediment settle, and priming sugar is added for carbonation.

Using used bottles that have been cleaned and sanitized, they are filled and capped with this medieval torture device.

End result is a bunch of beer that will sit at room temperature for 2 weeks to carbonate. The remaining yeast in the beer will eat the priming sugar that was added to the bottling bucket and carbonate the beer.

Now the problem is that the carboy is now empty....time for another batch!