Friday, August 14, 2009

Special Beer for a Special Boy

So tomorrow is the "early" judgement day. I plan on bottling the beer I made special for the birth of my baby boy. I have special labels designed, so I'll hand out handcrafted ale instead of cigars when he's born. There's no way I could brew another batch and have it be ready by his birth, so I sure hope this one turns out good! The recipe is for an IPA (India Pale Ale, and coincidentally the initials of our baby) that I modified for batch size and alcohol content. Used 2 types of hops that I've never used before and had 5 hop additions (again, Miller Lite's triple hopped brewed marketing campaign is bullshit!) Should yield 36 bottles of delicious 6.3% ABV yumminess. But final alcohol level and bottle yield will have to be determined tomorrow. I really hate bottling, so if it comes up with less than 36 bottles, I won't mind :) Hopefully it's worthy of sharing, otherwise I'm gonna have a lot of beer to myself!

This will all have to happen after I get back from Cub Scout Leader training. I've been warned that I'll need lots of caffeine to make it through 5 hours of "common knowledge" training.