Saturday, August 20, 2011


It's funny, even though I have this blog, I spend more time reading other people's blogs instead of updating mine. I guess I should make a better habit of keeping this thing updated more frequently I guess.

Today I rode in "The Flugly". The first (annual?) Mountain bike race at MB Johnson park in Moorhead. The Fargo-Moorhead Trailbuilders have been busting their butts in making/maintaining this killer trail. Very well thought-out, lots of twists, and turns, but still flows well. They sure make the short distance worth while. I was the only one on a fat bike, but I wasn't out for the gold. My objective to "Have fun and don't finish last" was held to, and I'm impressed at how well the Pugsley can act as a "normal" bike.

But besides the fat bike madness, the past few weeks have had me putting in an insane amount of miles on the Cross Check. I rode it in the MS150, racking up 150 miles in a weekend (45 Saturday/105 Sunday!) and a few 20-45+ mile training rides leading up to that century. With that said, my yearly mileage as of today is 30 miles away from my goal! That's right, 1470 miles so far this year, so this week's work commutes will push me over the goal I had set to ride for the entire year. With roughly 2 more months of decent weather left before the snow falls, I'm thinking next year's goal will be higher.