Sunday, June 17, 2012

Century Time

Yesterday I rode the 2012 Tour de Cure in Fargo. Finished with 102.1 miles on the day.

The weather was nasty, started rainy and somewhat chilly. Then lots of wind came to dry things out. For a while there we had a nice tailwind and were cruising well over 20mph for a stretch, but that was quickly negated by 25+mph headwinds that had us crawling at 11mph.  All in all though it was a good ride and it was nice to raise money for charity again.

My new Cannondale Synapse proved to be a good choice. Nice and comfortable just responsive when I wanted it to be. Really liking this bike so far, and it has less than 300 miles on it! Hoping to get the odometer over 700 or so by summer's end.

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