Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Meet Supertramp!

Been too busy riding this thing to blog about it! Here's my 2013 Surly Troll, aka "Supertramp". Why Supertramp? Well the band Supertramp from the 70s had some great songs, my favorite of which is "Take the long way home". This bike is all about doing just that. Adventuring, getting lost, and "hey what's down there" kind of riding. Also, I started building this on September 6th, which is the 20th anniversary of the discovery of Christopher McCandless' body. Morbid? A little. Christopher McCandless inspired the book/movie "Into the Wild", which is a great (real) tale of adventure. Chris' alias throughout his travels was "Alexander Supertramp". Enough of the nicknames, here's the bike.

The Build was a parts bin-budget build using some parts from my Pugsley (Pugs got upgrades!), parts from the forums, and stuff from the LBS.

Wheelset: Handbuilt Shimano M529 hubs, DT butted spokes, Stan's Flow rims (decals removed)
Tires: Continental XKing 2.4, tubeless
Crankset: Old LX triple
Derailleurs: LX rear, XT front
Shifters: Microshift Thumbies
Brakes: BB7
Misc: Salsa Stem, Mary bars, Race Face post, Selle Italia saddle
Cables: Jagwire Ripcord in Ergon Green
Headset: FSA Orbit
Pedals: Gusset Pinhead
Bags: Relevate Designs Tangle and Gas Tank
On pace to have 200 miles on it in the first month, which will be a record for any bike I've owned. This bike is ridiculously fun and comfortable. I can't wait to take it out of town and get lost for the day.

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fatbob29r said...

I went to school (WT Woodson) with Chris and Carine. We lived in adjoining neighborhoods. Glad you're dedicating your adventure bike in part to his memory.